First Steps in an Effective Marketing Campaign

Step #1 – Unique Selling Point

When you are setting out to decide on how you want to market your business on the internet, you will have a number of options available to you. You can use search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing or even pay per click marketing. All of these methods can be effective for your business when done carefully. However, each of the methods do have a cost associated with them in terms of time and budgeted dollars.

Because of this fact, you will want to make sure that when you choose to engage in them, that you do so in ways that give your business the opportunity to profit from getting a message in front of buyers. The easiest way to make all of your advertising more powerful and effective is to make sure that you give the person hearing it a reason to come to your location. This reason should differentiate you from all of the other options that they may have. If that ‘reason’ is one that matters to the buyer or prospect, then your advertising, in whatever form that you have chosen to use, will be effective when it reaches the eyes and ears of the prospect.

In marketing terminology, this is called having a USP or unique selling proposition. When you state a unique selling proposition, you are staking out territory in your prospect’s mind and making a decision about where you are positioning your business or product. This will determine, more than anything else, whether or not a prospect chooses to do business with you.

Give me two reasons why I should buy from you instead of from your competition in the next 15 seconds.

Can’t do it? Then your business is in trouble.

Why? Because you have a weak unique selling point.

Your USP should make people say, “Cool! That’s exactly what I want. I don’t care how much it costs!”

The reason for this is very simple. Advertising and messaging is now affordable for small businesses to do and even to copy. That means that if even if you are able to gain an advantage by being the first to engage in video marketing, social media or SEO, it will not be difficult for a competitor to do the same. Therefore, when you choose to use these methods, you will need to make sure that your message is heard effectively.

Although it is vital for you to engage in mobile marketing, video marketing, SEO and social media, it is even more important to be doing so with a message that differentiates your business in a way that matters to the prospective buyer. Without this, buyers will have no reason in their minds, as to why they should come to your business. What follows is disastrous.

That means that you can only compete on the basis of how often you can lower your price. If you do not compete on the basis of the value your business provides, it will be very difficult to ask for a premium price for your best products and services. These are the products and services that often provide the most profit for your business.

Creating a winning unique selling point is powerful, and it’s the first step of the revolutionary Four Step Marketing Method.

Developing Your USP

Our company works with businesses to determine how to position themselves on the basis of the value they provide. We do that prior to any of our internet marketing campaigns so that your business gets the maximum effect from every resource you expend whether it is time or money. We can look at your business with an experienced eye that allows us to help you develop a strong USP that can double or even triple your sales! We’ll study your:

  • Marketing Goals
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Customer Expectations And Customer Feedback
  • Inside Reality And Outside Perception
  • Value Added Qualifiers And Innovations
  • And Much More

To create a great USP that helps you outsell your competition, we’ll also look at:

  • What Makes You Unique
  • What Makes You Better, Stronger, Faster
  • Why People Should Choose You — Regardless Of Price

Price Doesn’t Matter

If you think price is the best way to outsell your competition, no wonder you aren’t outselling them! Step one of the Four Step Marketing Method will show you how to compete without price being a factor.

You’ll also have full clarity of your marketing goals, ideal customer, outside perception, and the value added qualifiers that can dramatically increase your revenues.

Ready To Get Started?

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Ready to learn about step two of the Four Step Marketing Method? Click for information on step two — Platforms and Offers.

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